Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sir Walter Whiskerface

Hello Dear Readers :D

Yesterday I finished a project which I have been working on for a looong time.

For Christmas last year I received a knitted cat toy kit. I am finally finished!

Please welcome..... Sir Walter Whiskerface!
I made Sir Walter to the sounds of many audiobooks; War and Peace, The Woman in White (giving him the name Walter after Walter Hartright) and finally Pygmalion.

Why yes indeed, how true
 He is a very dignified cat with a fondness for reading mysteries with Mum.
Oh my goodness! Really?
 Though he can be surprised very easily.
Sir Walter says fair thee well
Fair thee well, dear readers and thanks for reading! :)


  1. How cute! I'm really impressed by the craftsmanship. Is he crocheted or knitted?

    1. Thank you :) He's knitted, I'm not sure I could crochet something that big.

  2. Hello, Sir Walter Whiskerface!
    He sounds nicely saturated in literature. I love to have an audio-book or something like that playing while I do projects. Although my projects are more along the lines of soup and laundry. Much less cute.

    1. Have you heard of Librivox? It has a whole lot of free audiobooks that are in the public domain.
      Thank you for commenting :)

    2. I don't think I have, before now. Hm, I notice they have Ben Hur!

  3. A pleasure to meet you, Sir Walter Whiskerface! *curtsies* (Seriously, he's adorable! :D)

    1. -A pleasure to meet you too, madam ghost ryter- the words of sir Walter

      Thank you, :D And thank you again for commenting :)