Short Stories

Here you will find some short stories I have written. Some of them will have been started by a specific sentence or picture, others will have geography facts about certain countries in them.
Most stories are really just paragraphs, about 200 words long.
Have fun reading!
By the way, pictures for these stories can be found HERE.

My Crazy Marten by Jemma Tainsh

A geography story about China. The first sentence was written by Kathy Tainsh. 

I edged carefully around the corner and IT WAS STILL THERE! I mean seriously! How long does it take one marten to eat its disgusting meal? Sorry, that was kind of random. I should introduce myself. My name is Lifen Cheah. I live in Guilin, a Prefecture-level city on the west bank of the Li River in China. My parents are guides, we get a lot of tourists here. And what I said earlier about the marten? Well I’ll explain. A few months ago on my birthday I had asked my parents for an interesting pet as a present. What I did not mean was a beech marten. Beech martens are nocturnal and bite. Not a terribly good combination for a pet. My marten (who I named Ru) had caught some kind of bird for dinner (I suppose it would be his breakfast) and was tearing into it with gusto. It was absolutely disgusting. Plus Ru was right in front of the door I wanted to get through. You do not want to come between Ru and his meal. As I said earlier, he sure can bite. I had to wait ten minutes before I could finally get inside. Ru scrambled up me, onto my shoulder, he there began to nibble my ear. I think he was being affectionate. Or maybe my ear was tasty. I couldn’t tell.

The Lantern at Night

Short story written from a picture which can be found on this board

Laurel crept through the trees of the Haunted Woods. Water dripped of the leaves of the dark branches. The scent of rain drifted on a creeping fog. He really shouldn’t be out at night. Especially not in the Haunted Woods. But after hearing some legends the other day about the Wizard’s castle he couldn’t resist. Laurel imagined himself exploring the castle while evading the wizard, if there was a wizard, that is. He was so preoccupied with his musings that he was taken aback when a finger of fog shifted and a castle was revealed. He almost quit then, the castle looked so sinister. Nevertheless he pressed on toward the castle. A moss covered fence encompassed the castle; a little gate hung open, listing to one side. Upon the post beside the gate there was an old-fashioned lantern. It was made of a black metal with a vine-like cage to shield the flame. Laurel approached the lantern and peered at it intently. No, there wasn’t a candle in this lantern. There was a fairy. It glowed green and fluttered helplessly against the walls of its cage. Laurel gazed in astonishment at the flickering green fairy. He had never seen anything like it! Cautiously picking up the cage he examined it closely; yes, there was definitely a fairy in there. Its wings were like that of a butterfly and it was dressed in leaves.  “Free me, free me” a little voice whispered like the rustling of trees, “please, please”
Laurel started, was that the fairy? “Please...please…please” the voice whispered.
 “I will free you little fairy.” He replied bravely. He felt the lantern over, looking for a latch. Eventually he found one, it was a tiny thing, he could barely open it; but he managed in the end. The fairy fluttered close to it so Laurel could see what he was doing. The latch made a faint click and a door in the lantern creaked open. The fairy flew out, spiraling in the air with delight. “Thank you, thank you” it whispered. Laurel smiled, holding out his open palm for the fairy to alight on.
“You are welcome” he told it, a smile spreading across his face as he kept very still so as not to disturb it. 

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