Monday, 5 October 2015

A Holiday in Queensland

Hello dear readers!

I'm back! I've just been away on a two week holiday to Queensland. Be prepared for a very long post about my adventures :)

First stage:A loooong to Brisbane, stayed with relatives for a day.

Second stage: 7 hr drive to Gladstone.

Third stage: 8 hr drive to Arlie Beach.

Arlie Beach was amazing! On the first day we hung out on the beach and went shopping in the mall
The next day we went on a cruise! We hopped on a boat out to a pontoon on the Great Barrier Reef! On the pontoon we went snorkeling, the water was pretty cold but there were fish swimming around everywhere! When we hopped out of the water we had lunch then got in a submersible boat. The submersible boat had windows along the bottom so you could look out among the fishies and the coral. I even saw a shark!
On the top deck (Mum's Pic) (I'm the one with dark hair)
Cruising through the Whitsunday Islands 
View from the submersible boat (Mum's Pic)

About to go snorkeling, we're all in our stinger suits
(Photo by onboard photographer)

Me and Dad on the boat (Mum's Pic)

Forth stage: 7 hr drive to Malanda Falls.

In Malanda Falls we went to a family reunion, the reason of our holiday. And we also visited some waterfalls. Unfortunately I was sick and didn't enjoy much of Malanda. (Though I definitely enjoyed the chocolate factory, mmmm, chocolate...)

Millaa Millaa Falls
Zillie Falls
Ellinjaa Falls
Millaa Millaa Falls again
We saw an echidna! (Mum's Pic)
And there were goats/sheep at our caravan park :D
(Mum's Pic)

Fifth stage: A 3 hr drive to Cow Bay.

Cow Bay is located in the Daintree Rainforest, a pretty impressive rain forest I must say.
I found a Gecko! So cute! (Mum's Pic) 
Our cabin was a little getaway place in the forest, so we were all alone with the birds and butterflies. On the first day we visited the Daintree discovery centre, where we went on a few walks and I saw a Cassowary. (Cassowaries are endangered.)

Some birds nests (Dad's Pic)

After Cow Bay we drove back through Arlie, Gladstone and Brisbane and now I'm home again! It's good to be back :D

If you want to see more photos have a look at Mum's blog
How were your holidays dear readers? Read any good books lately?

Thanks for reading! See you next time. :)


  1. Those are nice photos. I saw your mum's blog too. She's an excellent photographer!

    As for books, I'd recommend Lynn Austin's Chronicles of the Kings series. It's the best historical fiction I've read in a long time.

    1. Thank you Blue :D
      I'll have to have a look at those books :)
      Just wondering, do you have a blog, I'm always wondering about the lovely person who posts such encouraging comments :)

  2. That's very kind, Jemma.
    I don't have a blog, although I've often thought of making one. Perhaps it's something to consider again.