Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Reads of July

Hello there readers!

I have been requested to write a post about what I have been reading lately. So I give you...
The (completed) Reads of July! (Be warned, I read a lot in July)

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Great book! I really liked it. I normally don't like 'growing up' kind of books, but this one was very good. It's about a girl called Scout growing up in a little town in Alabama. I would recommend this to people 13+

Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and the Hunting of the Snark

Lewis Carroll was a genius! The books about Alice are funny, sweet and whimsical all at the same time. I would recommend them to anyone who can read. The Hunting of the Snark was an amusing poem which is great to read out loud. Younger readers would find it a bit confusing but other than that everyone should read it. (Out loud, it sounds even funnier)

The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett

Another amusing book by Sir Pratchett. Rincewind has been teleported to Australia (I mean Fourecks), the Librarian has a cold and the Wizards have gone back in time. :). 
Please note, we Australians do not say G'day all the time (practically never) and we don't drink beer all the time either.  I would recommend this for mature readers who like satire and dry humor and can overlook the rude references/language.

The Hunger Game and Catching Fire by Susanne Collins

Very exciting! Hard to put down, I really enjoyed it. Rather violent though :(
I'd recommend it to mature readers who like dystopian novels and can cope with the violence.

Until That Distant Day by Jill Stengl

I really enjoyed this. It was well written and I loved the characters.
I would recommend this to people who like French books, and are interested in times surrounding the French Revolution.

Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

An nontraditional princess runs away to live with a dragon. Very fun. I'm probably not the target audience though. Children 6-11 would probably really love it!

Another children's book is
The Secret of Indigo Moon by G. P. Taylor

The second in the Dopple-Ganger series. These books are cleverly done, with pages of words and pages of graphic novel. Good for kids who benefit from a mix of graphics and text. 7+

King Arthur and Her Knights by K. M. Shea

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if King Arthur was a girl? A cleverly done tale of King Arthur (or Britt Arthurs). I've read the first two books, they were short but fun.
I would recommend them to people who like fantasy, King Arthur and are in their teens.

And finally: (this isn't really a novel, but I loved it so much)
The Discovery of Dragons: New Research Revealed! by Graeme Base

A collection of letters detailing the discovery of dragons from all over the world. The letters are hilarious and the artwork is amazing (like all Graeme Base books).

If you want to know more books I've read in July look HERE.

Bye for now!


  1. I'm half way through 'To Kill a Mockingbird'!! It is so good! Can't wait to find out what happens... no spoilers;)

    1. You'll like it! I just started Go Set a Watchman

  2. What a lovely list! I remember enjoying 'To Kill a Mockingbird', but only vaguely do I recall reading 'Through the Looking Glass'.

    It is somewhat irritating, having people from other countries assume strange things about you. However, it can be very funny leading them on and giving them even more ridiculous things to believe! (Nasty of me, I know. On second thought, maybe don't do that.)

    1. Thank you!
      I agree, I was really surprised last year when I heard about drop-bears. Whaaaat? Bears that drop on your head? Crazy. :)