Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Medieval Ducks

Hiya Readers!

This is not what the blog post is about
The knighting of Sir Duckious the deranged / defender of drakes

What the blog post is about is a fun craft I found out called Warfare by Duct Tape
I have spent the last few weeks making weapons out of Duct tape, foam and pipes.
Homeschooling is awesome :D.

Here are some of my creations:
Mace and Flail

My first creation, the armored glove.  

I gave all my swords literary names :).
Top - Excalibur. Bottom - Hrunting (A failed experiment) 

The intrepid explorer discovers proof that Aragorn existed, his sword, Anduril, the flame of the west

What literary name would you give a sword, dear reader?
Bye for now :).

PS. I rather like Sir Duckious, I would like to write about him. What should he be?
Sir Duckious the Deranged? Sir Duckious the Defender of Drakes? Or something even wilder?


  1. More excellent proof that with homeschooling and duct tape ...especially when can do anything!

    You should write a story about how Sir Duckious the Deranged Defender of Drakes is called upon to fight a drake (drake as in dragon type of drake), and all chaos that ensues.

    1. Thanks for commenting :)
      Great idea! It's funny how dragons are named after ducks