Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Great Game

Hi Readers!

I hope you're having a great week! Today I have a story for you that I wrote yesterday.
Be warned, it is rather peculiar.

The Great Game

By Jemma Tainsh

On a hill covered in scraggly pines, a kangaroo was having an earnest discussion with his son. The road nearby was mostly clear, the only occupant being a squashed fox. The trees glowed in the orange light of the setting sun, and there was an occasional glint of light of a battered mailbox. “Son,” announced the kangaroo, “The time has finally come for me to tell you of-“   He paused for effect, “-The Great Game!”
Awed by the capitals, his son gazed into his eye, “Wow Dad!” he exclaimed, “It must be wonderful!”
“It is, son, it is” His misty-eyed father assured him, “all Joeys learn it as soon as they have left their mothers pouch! I remember when your grandfather taught it to me!”
“How do we play it dad?” the young Joey asked enthusiastically
“Well,” replied his father, almost reluctant to hurry the conversation, “You know the great Cars of the humans? They are majestic beasts and go by many names”
“Sure I know ‘em Dad”
“What we do is, we go down to the edge of their territory, The Road, and we watch carefully for Cars; my favourite is the bold Toyota, and we dash across the Road in front of them!” The kangaroo was practically hopping from excitement, his son however, was sceptical
“Why do we do that Dad?” he inquired, “Wouldn’t we die?”
“Ah,” said his father, a crafty look in his eye, “But we don’t, we speed across, swift and hoppy, it feels amazing! Dancing with the great beast of the Car! Such prestige in the roo community! The Most Important High Roo has hundreds of Cars under his belt!
“I see…” murmured the Joey thoughtfully, “I suppose it would be fun!”
“And that’s not even the best part!” squealed the older roo in delight, “Now listen carefully son, many wallabies died to bring us this news.”
‘I’m listening Dad!”
It’s The Country Music Festival!” His father whispered as enthusiastically as you can whisper
“What does that mean Dad?”
“Why son, have you not learned anything!?” he exclaimed, “The Country Music Festival is when Cars from all over Australia come to visit our town! That means plenty of opportunities! Holdens! Toyotas! Mazdas! It’s the most amazing time of the year!
His father’s excitement began to rub of onto his son, “Wow Dad! Can we go have a go now!?”
“We sure can!” Hollered the jumping kangaroo, “Look! There’s one now! I'll show you how it's done!”

Greg drove along the road thinking about his sandwich. Soon he’d home and able to eat in peace. Something caught his eye. One those blasted kangaroos. It even had a Joey. Funny, it almost seemed to be pointing at his car. Suddenly the older kangaroo hopped wildly across the road. “What on earth!?” yelped Greg, “stupid kangaroo” he muttered, feeling slightly guilty as he hit it. “Oh, well.” And he went back to thinking about his sandwich.

‘Dang...’ Thought the younger kangaroo, ‘oh well, it happens. He’ll be much honoured by the community.’

I am absolutely certain kangaroos actually do this. 

By for now! Thanks for reading and have a nice week!


  1. That was amusing, though a tad dark. This could be a whole series actually: Why Animals Do Annoying Things.

    "Many wallabies died to bring us this news." Ah ha ha ha! You've been watching Star Wars recently, eh?

    1. Thank you! What other animals do think I should do?
      I haven't seen the 4th Star Wars for a while actually, but I always remember that quote :)
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I think it's from the 6th, actually.
    Let's see... I would like to know why dogs lie down in the middle of pathways and why sheep get their heads stuck in the same part of the fence over and over.

    On an entirely different note, would you be willing to answer some questions about Australia? I have an inkling of a story, and I want it to begin in an Australian hiking spot.

    1. Oops... I thought I was the 4th...
      That would make some interesting stories!
      I would love to answer any question you ask :)

    2. Oh, thank you!
      I'm looking for a good isolated setting. I need a hiking spot's name, general location, and description (weather, sights, sounds, scents, flora and fauna).
      Does anything come to mind?

    3. the snowy mountains is the only place I've actually been. It's quite popular in winter, not as such in summer. I not sure whether you'd call it isolated though. It's home to mount Kosciusko (kosy oss ko)
      which is Australia's highest mountain. In summer it's not terribly hot, about 17-25 celsius and rather windy. Some things you might see are chair lifts and snow blowers. Mum took some pictures while we were there of rainbow lake and Kosciusko.
      Hope that's the kind of thing you were thinking of!

    4. I couldn't connect the link, but I was able to look up mount Kosciusko.
      You know, that's actually quite like what I had in mind!
      Thank you!