Monday, 9 November 2015

The Beesheep Family

Hello Readers!

Today I have a short story to tell you. It was written as part of an English course called IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing). Mum drew three pictures which I then wrote a story from. Feel free to tell me what you like, or what you think I should change.

The pictures (Mum intended them to be the billy goats gruff):

The Beesheep Family
By Jemma Tainsh

Once upon a time in the Land of Strange And Unusual Animals there dwelt a family of Beesheep. Beesheep are delightfully queer. While Snarks have fins and fangs, and Crogs skitter along the sand croaking, Beesheep are very useful in that they make honey as well as woolly jumpers. At the time of this tale, the youngest Beesheep (whose name was Bob) had gone out to wander over the hills. Bleating and buzzing joyfully, Bob bounded around with his sister – Carmella. They bounced over hills like enthusiastic frogs. Abruptly disturbing the peace of the countryside, Bob suddenly shrieked in delight. Carmella looked up in surprise. “What is it?!” She cried in a tone of excitement. “I saw a coconut!” Exclaimed the exuberant Bob, “just over that hill over there!” He was very excited you see, because it is very rare to find a coconut in the land of strange and unusual animals.

Unfortunately, when Bob arrived at the scene of the coconuts he was greatly disappointed. “Who could have conceived it?” he cried in dismay. “These lovely coconuts are eggs in disguise! Eggs of an Ostrigoose if I’m one to judge.” he noted most dolefully. Behind him his sister was also quite sad. “Although my meals are delightfully variant, I must really say I would have enjoyed a coconut today.” Sighing most sadly, they both walked away. Terrible disappointment hung over them both.

When they arrived at their gigantic Bee Hive, the whole family became as sad as they were. “How terrible!” cried Pete.
“How miserable!” wept Jen.
“How positively tragic!” Papa sniffed.
Sobbing quite terribly, Mamma Beesheep was inconsolable. “Coconut toast would have done me just right.” She moaned very dismally as she considered their plight. Disappointed Papa stared at the ground, edging his feet round a hole that was there. Then with surprise he lept in the air! “Which of you wants to know what I found?” Around him the family stopped in surprise. Hopefully crying out all in one voice “We do Dad, we do!” “Four lovely big coconuts here in this hole!” He exclaimed with a cheer. “What a strange happening” the Beesheep family rejoiced, “that makes one for each of us!”

A bit of a silly story :) 
I might not write many blog posts this month as I am participating in NaNoWriMo. My username is JemmaToad if you want to be buddies. 



  1. That was great, from the concept of the Land of Strange and Unusual Animals to the over-dramatic reactions! Beesheep- I love that!

    There are two things, though:
    -"Bob’s disappointment hung over them both." If it hangs over them both then it can't just be Bob's.
    -I'd also like to know how the coconuts came to be there. Maybe that is for part two? (please?)

  2. Thank you so much! I just changed "Bob’s disappointment hung over them both." to "Terrible disappointment hung over them both.", thank you for pointing that out, I much appreciat it :)

    I think the coconuts might have been some long ago Beesheep's secret stash. Or it could be utter nonsense and they turned up because everyone's wishes were so consentrated on the one thing :)
    Why do you think it was?

    I might write another one sometime. I have a few other stories that I'd like to share first though, thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. This was so cute Jemma! Loved it :)