Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Of rainy poetry and stories to be told

Hi Readers!
It's raining here, yay! And so I give you a poem (in a loose definition of the word poem) about rain!

A Rainy Winter's Day by Jemma
Rain falls from the sky, mist rolls over the hills
rain drops sparkle on the bushes and everything is a brilliant green
miniature rivers run lazily across the ground,
and a little brown dog shakes himself vigorously.
The bare branches of the ornamental pear are laden with drops,
diamonds in the mist.

What do you think? It was kind of fun to compose - especially since I'm inside and cosy - not outside and wet like my dog, Jack.
In this post I would like to share a bit about some stories I'm writing. On the subject of rain, here is a snippet of an un-named story.

"Rain rain, have you seen my beloved?",The lover called to the rain,
"Not us, not us" the rain whispered back, "try the north wind, maybe he will have seen your beloved". And the rain pattered away on gentle feet.

I am writing a LOT of stories at the moment. A sleeping beauty retelling, a tale of a lover's search for her beloved, a Cinderella retelling and The Wacky Adventures of Septyc Hors.
The main one is Septyc Hors, it is about an evil henchman call Septyc Hors. A rather unsuccessful evil henchman.

Bye Readers! Thank you for reading!


  1. Hi, Jemma! I didn't know you'd started your own blog, how exciting!

    I like really enjoyed your poem! It's lovely, and it's easy to imagine the scene you described. : )

  2. "the rain pattered away on gentle feet", I like that. I wish it would patter over here, I miss the rain right now.

    That's a fun idea: an unsuccessful evil henchman!