Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Supernova Comic Convention

So a while back I discovered the San Diego Comic Con and was very jealous. But after some research I found that Australia also had a comic con: Supernova, and it was in Sydney! 
So I questioned my relatives there and discovered that they went every year. I, of course requested to come with next year - and last weekend I did. 
It was amazing and enormous, with guests and stores from all around the world (Actually, mainly Australia and USA). 
I went to a Q & A session with Chris Hemsworth, and got some books signed by Brandon Sanderson. 
I also watched an interesting workshop from Weta were a man was turned into a rather hairy Dwarf. 'Twas an awesome weekend.


  1. THAT'S SO COOL!!!! I'm so glad you had a great time! :D

    And don't worry. I live in San Diego and I've never been to Comic Con. ;)


    1. Thank you!! I loved it!
      I hope you do some day ;)

  2. Looks amazing! Nice knives.
    I wonder if there's a comic con in my area- I've never thought to check before.

    1. Thank you ;), it was pretty amazing
      Might be an interesting thing to investigate :)