Thursday, 7 July 2016

Bookish Book Lover Tag


Hello dear readers!  
Recently I was tagged by the fantastic Blue at To be a Shennachie for the Bookish Book Lover Tag. Thank you!

1) What Book Are You Currently Reading?
  I am currently reading Sourcery by Terry Pratchett. A book about a hopeless wizard called Rincewind. It's not my favourite so far, but it might improve.
  I'm also reading the Ghostfaces by John Flanagan, but I'm not really enjoying it

2) What’s The Last Book You Finished?
  The most recent book I finished would be The Woman Who Died a Lot by Jasper Fforde. 
It was very cleverly done if a touch confusing at times. 

3) Favorite Book You Read This Year?
  *Sweating* I don't know how to choose! A Tale of Two Cities maybe?  My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry? Or maybe one of the two Jackaby books? I simply can't decide!

4) What Genre Have You Read Most This Year?
  Probably either Fantasy or Mystery. I'm not entirely sure.

5) What Genre Have You Read Least This Year?
   Non-Fiction. I only read one, Wartime Princess.

6) What Genre Do You Want To Read More Of?
   Mystery :) . Even though I've read a lot, I'd still like to read more.

7) How Many Books Have You Read This Year, And What’s Your Goal?
  I've read eighty-one books this year, not counting re-reads. Altogether I've probably read around one hundred and twenty. I plan to read one hundred and fifty new books this year.

8) What’s The Last Book You Bought?
  Stars Above , a collection of short stories by Marissa Meyer. It's set in the Lunar Chronicles universe. Some stories were great, others a bit repetitive.

9) What Book Are You Saving Up To Buy Next?
  I'm not actually saving to buy anything at the moment. I have some Amazon credit burning a hole in my pocket and I'm thinking of a book to buy. I might get the first book in the Wingfeather Saga. It looks rather amusing and I've been meaning to get it for a while.

10) How Many Books Did You Check Out Last Library Visit?
   Three; Roald Dhal's Dirty Beasts, Sourcery and Moving Pictures.

11) What’s A Book You Can’t Wait To Read?
  Five Magic Spindles (so soon!), and Ghostly Echoes (not soon enough :( ). 

12) What’s A Series You’d Recommend to Everyone?
  The Chronicles of Narnia, The Tales of Goldstone Wood and Artemis Fowl. 
  (I don't know if The Lord of the Rings counts, but I recommend that to!)

13) Who’s An Author You’re Hoping Writes More?
  A E Stengl and K. M. Shea. And myself, but I stubbornly refuse to write. Silly me. 

14) A Few Books Your Heart Adores?
  The Tale of Desperaux, and the Chronicles of Narnia. (I have so many favourite books that I'm taking this question to mean sweet books that I love)

15) What Series’ Coming Conclusion Makes You Sad?
  The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Luckily I still have a couple left to read. There's another one to but I simply can't seem to remember it. 

16) What Books Are On Your Wish-List?
  I believe the list is around a hundred books, but featuring majorly are those of question eleven and anything by A E Stengl. 

And now we come to a close and I must tag some others. I will tag Alison, and as I am not entirely sure who else is reading, I invite you to tag you self and tell me in the comments.

The rules are: 
Use the banner,  answer the questions, use lots of book covers, tag your bookish friends!

Thanks for reading! And thanks again to Blue 


  1. Yay, you took the tag!

    Those look like good books. 'Sourcery'! What a great title! I really should read more Pratchett.
    I remember also enjoying A Tale of Two Cities. It might be my favourite Dickens book.

    1. I just finished Sourcery, it was a bit 'meh'. Have you read Hogfather? It's really amusing.

      I loved A Tale of Two Cities! It's my favourite Dickens, even beating a Christmas Carol.